Akira Committee

Posted in GAMES! on November 9, 2012 by George B

I’ve been thinking about the two English language versions of Akira and why I like the “better” one less. It’s fascinating stuff really. In revisiting this movie I remembered something that always struck me as a kid. The name of the studio that made it as listed in the opening credits: “Akira Committee”. As a kid the idea of a company being like a committee appealed to me. I’m not sure why exactly. I would definitely consider myself a team player, and a person who appreciates fair play. ____ by Committee, though often used disparagingly, has an appeal to me.

The other thing is the idea that this committee got together for this specific project alone… So much so that they named themselves after their project!

Whenever I’m working with a team I like to think of this model, the committee brought together with a common goal, a mission statement, a deadline, a shared responsibility for the success of our project. I worked as a test lead at VMC here in Montreal towards the beginning of my career in games and it was that kind of spirit I tried to bring to my team. It worked wonders.


Dear, All games I haven’t bought.

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steam sale

Dear, All games I haven’t bought.

I’m sorry. I see you there with that sad puppy at the pound look in your eyes. I hear your soundtrack, see your youtube clips and rock paper shotgun review. I know how fun you all might be. Some of you I’ve been looking forward to meeting, others I know I’d like to get to know once I upgrade my digs a bit. Get that new graphic card I’ve been promising all my other games. All you ethically motivated “bundle” games, you triple A show-stoppers, you lil indie cuties I’ve been following on twitter.

Thing is I’ve got my hands full with the games I already own. They need the care and consideration that you demand. It’s time to lock up the gates. Money and time do not grow on trees. I’ve got a foster home filled to the rafters with the likes of you.

First things first, gotta beat Dark Souls… first things firster, gotta beat the Orstein and Smough boss fight. Then MassEffect 2 and 3. Then I’m going to plug in my consoles again and take down LA Noire, Bayonetta, maybe Ninja Blade.

Then… oh gosh, only 2 months til the steam Christmas sale…


Gut feelings: Grit, Violence, Video Games.

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manhunt cover

Manhunt still haunts me, while taking an alley detour late at night, catching the sight of a security camera on a building’s side-wall.  A crackly voice heard in the distance.  Film grain.  Violence.  The ultra-violence.  I stopped playing Manhunt about halfway through and never looked back. Continue reading

I wrote a quote 002: – Edmund McMillen from the State of Play show.

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“…There’s also the whole misconception of talent. Talent is a word that people who are babies use to describe themselves as having not-talent in order to get away with doing nothing and being lazy. Talent doesn’t exist, that’s actually a lie. People who are good at things are good at things because they enjoy doing them and they get better the more they work at them. There’s no such thing as somebody who’s just born with this ability to do awesome stuff. They might be born with the ability to enjoy doing something so much that they get good at it… You hear the word talent mostly used for people who are trying to find an an excuse for why they are not happy with the situation they’re in because they don’t have talent when it’s just complete bullshit. You get talents when you work on something and get good at it… You have to be taught, and you have to learn, and you have to do it a lot. And in order to really get good at it you have to enjoy it. I think that’s the key factor: Find something that you enjoy and focus on it and you will appear very very talented at it [laughs], that’s just the way it goes.”

Edmund McMillen on doing the work, from his interview for the State of Play show on youtube:

The Guiding of Isaac. Part 2: The Caves.

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Hey Isaac,

Hope you found this note in good health hahaha… who am I kidding, you’re probably leaking bloody tears with a coathanger sticking out of your lil’ round head haha…
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The Guiding of Isaac. Part 1: The basement.

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I hope you find this note. I’m sorry I was not able to wait for you, but time was pressing. It has not been easy but I hope to have escaped and that you will not be reading this. My plan is to rescue you from Mom, who has clearly lost her mind, but if I don’t make it these notes should help you along your way.
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My “interview” with Jonathan Blow.

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Well, it’s a first here at UA HQ, we are preparing 2 follow up posts detailing the final days of playtesting for Board of Defectors, and a summary of the game’s rules. But then we had a small window of opportunity to interview gaming luminary, Jonathan Blow.

Who could say no? (well, he could have, but he didn’t!)

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