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League and life lessons – a post-aram rant.

Posted in Design Koans, Difficulty, emotion modification on January 17, 2013 by George B

There’s a zen approach to most things in video games, though it often has to do with turning off the game and doing something of a more immediate and present nature – like sweeping your floors or tending to your garden (aka. dirty dish ecosystem).  There are some games that bring the player to a certain state of mind that is not unlike meditating.  Tetris or Cave Shooters are a great examples.  Then there are games we can play that are exercises in frustration. Continue reading


You see, Dark Souls is a feeling.

Posted in emotion modification, GAMES!, lulz on December 6, 2012 by George B

I’m in love with Dark Souls.

I could put it in more words I suppose, but I am late to the game and many many great things have been written about it already.  So, instead of explaining it with words, I did it with music.  Like many a crushing high schooler I painstakingly put together a mixtape for the object of my affection.

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Gut feelings: Grit, Violence, Video Games.

Posted in emotion modification, violence in games with tags , , , , on October 25, 2012 by George B

manhunt cover

Manhunt still haunts me, while taking an alley detour late at night, catching the sight of a security camera on a building’s side-wall.  A crackly voice heard in the distance.  Film grain.  Violence.  The ultra-violence.  I stopped playing Manhunt about halfway through and never looked back. Continue reading