About Me

My name is George, some people call me Geo, I have multiple internet handle syndrome but I’m trying to stick with Floordje now… I’m based in Montreal, Canada.

I’m currently studying Level Design in a program offered by Ubisoft in partnership with a local College, I am also a volunteer with the local IGDA branch. Before this I worked for 2.5 years in QA, 1 of which was spent in Edmonton at Bioware, where I was a QA Analyst and got to work on the entire Mass Effect PC QA cycle. I have college degrees in Pure and Applied Science, and a 3 year Illustration and design program. Somewhere in between I did 2 years of Philosophy/Cognitive Science at McGill University. These days I’m working mostly with the SourceSDK/Hammer, making Orange Box maps.

When I was a kid my parents wouldn’t let me own video games, so I went on a lot of sleepovers… now I’m making the games that lil’ kids will be sneaking around their folks to play. There is something satisfying in that irony… however, the real challenge would be to design a video game I can hook my parents on!

My favorite video game would have to be Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, which I have played (more or less) consistently over the last 5 years. I’m part of a large ET community online and serve as an Admin over several servers that our community operates. I’ll surely write about ET once I get a bit better at composing my thoughts in this manner. Check us out at: Bunker.aaxxss.com

The last 2-3 years I have made an effort to broaden my horizons, leveling a druid to 70 during the burning crusade, spending much of my free income on the steam store, on DS games, and a recently acquired PS2 with a who’s who of hit games (a nice friend of mine even got me a sealed copy of ICO!)

I also stay busy with my illustration work and ‘fine art’ work which consists mainly of mural work and the occasional canvas. If you are interested I could link up my flickr here, but I am trying to keep this blog focused on interactive media, video games, and star trek references.

Make it so!


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