At a loss for words…

Well here’s a little update on things.

Still looking for work. I have a very promising opportunity which I am waiting to hear about – should know by the end of the week.  If I get the job or not, this is still an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve been up to and what I expect to be up to next.

First of all a question: Why have I not been blogging at all?

I feel like that question almost answers itself.  I haven’t felt the need to sit down and share ideas in this format.  It is easy to write any old thing (see my twitter for that), and I guess having come up with this page (and it’s predecessor) during the ‘golden age of the game design blogosphere’, there is a standard which I hope to live up to and clearly recently haven’t felt up to.

Instead, new horizons.  Messing around with Streaming video games has been a passion recently.  One thoroughly bound by time limits, talent limits and most of all bandwidth limits.  I have some thoughts about Twitch and streaming in general that I would like to get into and perhaps that might lead to some more posts here.  Fundamentally streaming is a creative tool, one that has yet to be explored all that much by the twitch streamers I pay attention to.  There’s so much room to grow this form of broadcasting, it’s fun to have been involved for a while now as a viewer and now participant and I look forward to what’s after what’s next.

I’ve found myself in a bit of a gameplay rut where a few familiar titles have stifled my exploration of the billion titles on my pile of shame.  Pile of shame, of course, refers to games we own that we want to or should want to play.  The familiar is a powerful motivator, definitely for me.  Looking at my steam stats is jarring.  Over 500 games, with like 2-3 titles played for over 500 hours, 3-4 over 200 hours, and hundreds and hundreds with 15 minutes or less.  Sorry game creators!  Apparently I’d rather unlock every single thing in both Binding of Isaacs before I try your critically acclaimed title.

What’s next?  Who knows.  If I don’t get a game job soon I’ll be looking at alternate career options.  I have turned down some job offers from game studios who’s games don’t inspire me.  I look back on those decisions I made with pride, I just couldn’t do it.  Still… will I regret this when I’m flipping proverbial burgers?

Well, that wasn’t so hard was it?  A new blog post.

Check me out on twitter and check out my stream on twitch at when it occasionally goes live.  It would be fun to hang out 🙂

peace out!!


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