Keep busy!

Working while looking for work is a bit of a challenge.  Thankfully I been able to keep busy during this time and have been able to accomplish quite a bit.  Being laid off can feel like you just hit a red light, and you have, but instead of idling at the red light I’m running in place, keeping my heart rate up while I wait for the green that’s sure to come next.


I’ve been playing and making games, for sure, but also I’ve used this time to return to the drawing board – literally, as I began to work on illustrating a kids book written by a good friend.  I’m taking some online courses and following tutorials, for example learning more about Unity and also some interesting Japanese calligraphic techniques.


I can’t wait to get back to work, but this time off has been less of a holiday and more a training regimen.  Taking these kinds of changes as opportunities rather than setbacks has been a very positive move for me.  I recommend it! 😉 


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