You see, Dark Souls is a feeling.

I’m in love with Dark Souls.

I could put it in more words I suppose, but I am late to the game and many many great things have been written about it already.  So, instead of explaining it with words, I did it with music.  Like many a crushing high schooler I painstakingly put together a mixtape for the object of my affection.

My character, Parsifal, has had a lot of ups and downs in his 90+ hour journey, and as it reaches it’s end I thought I’d share the mixtape in celebration.  I like making mixtapes and spend a fair amount of time in the lab tweaking knobs and layering sounds.  These aren’t your grandpa’s compilation mixes, this is a full on, uninterrupted experience.  Something my friend DJ Cool Hands describes as a movie tape.  Maybe the best explanation is that if the Cohen brothers made a movie based on Parsifal’s adventure, this would be the soundtrack.  Headphone listening is recommended.

Praise the sun!



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