Dear, All games I haven’t bought.

steam sale

Dear, All games I haven’t bought.

I’m sorry. I see you there with that sad puppy at the pound look in your eyes. I hear your soundtrack, see your youtube clips and rock paper shotgun review. I know how fun you all might be. Some of you I’ve been looking forward to meeting, others I know I’d like to get to know once I upgrade my digs a bit. Get that new graphic card I’ve been promising all my other games. All you ethically motivated “bundle” games, you triple A show-stoppers, you lil indie cuties I’ve been following on twitter.

Thing is I’ve got my hands full with the games I already own. They need the care and consideration that you demand. It’s time to lock up the gates. Money and time do not grow on trees. I’ve got a foster home filled to the rafters with the likes of you.

First things first, gotta beat Dark Souls… first things firster, gotta beat the Orstein and Smough boss fight. Then MassEffect 2 and 3. Then I’m going to plug in my consoles again and take down LA Noire, Bayonetta, maybe Ninja Blade.

Then… oh gosh, only 2 months til the steam Christmas sale…



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