The Guiding of Isaac. Part 1: The basement.


I hope you find this note. I’m sorry I was not able to wait for you, but time was pressing. It has not been easy but I hope to have escaped and that you will not be reading this. My plan is to rescue you from Mom, who has clearly lost her mind, but if I don’t make it these notes should help you along your way.

You have found the basement, take care of yourself down here. There are rewards but also challenges. Bugs and beasts abound, somehow twisted by the evil that has ruined Mom, and you need to deal with them carefully. You’ll find that moving down here is a bit awkward, there is a floaty nature to these floors. Get used to moving, it is in the avoidance of the monster’s attack that one has the best chance of survival. When entering a new room your first instinct should be to gauge the lay of the land. There are stones and pits down here that block your path, hindering your movement. You may one day fly over them, but for now you need to pay special attention to the layout of each room. Use the walls and pits to kite the beasts that attack you, use stones to block the tears they send your way. (Most beasts down here attack as you do, hurling liquid spheres outward, learn to anticipate them, and avoid them.)

Before you can kill these beasts you will have to be able to dodge a roomful of them. Once you have gotten comfortable with that, move on. There are keys and bombs you might collect, perhaps more. I’m still not totally comfortable using them myself, but when I get a handle on them I will leave you another note. Til then stay safe, and if you die don’t worry, it will all seem like a bad dream so try again… and again…

With love, your brother, Eliezer.


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