NaGaDeMo 8: Cut the fat.

Big night coming up for the Ludic Order of the Golden Pawn’s board game appreciation soirée. We play Scotland Yard and then playtest ‘Board of defectors’, my NaGaDeMo card game. In order to make this playtest as useful to me as possible I have decided to cut certain gameplay features in order to see how balanced the game is in a simplified form.

So, first to be cut: The prisoner’s dilemma trading system. I’ll get into why in a later post. Quick version: It wasn’t working!!

I am also simplifying the resource generation from BCs. Originally planned to be between 0 and 60, I have divided them by 10 and reduced the range slightly. Buildings now generate between 0 and 5 of a specific resource. This should make the counting easier for players and their opponents. Special Project resource demands have also been scaled down.

I’ve got a nice prototype of the cards, using post-it notes, old magic cards and some PVC sleeves. The graphics are not really there, but they will do the job for now.

Expect more news by the end of the week as Thursday is our playtest and Saturday is the final day of NaGaDeMo2012!!

Take care,


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