Done with Diablo3:

I have a very strong Monk.

I got lucky, was patient, whatever. My Monk is well equipped, which makes him strong.

I got almost all my items through the auction house, never paying more than 80K gold for any one item, and even the 80K is well above the average price I paid.

It felt easy, I played, progressed, got gold, bought better items. I can farm acts I and II in Inferno well enough. I’ve played the game 60+ hours, I must have liked it.

But I hit a wall that I saw coming a mile away. Nothing I could do about the wall, there was a patch in the works, maybe that would help me, or maybe I would find a couple of strong items…

Neither happened so I guess I’m done with Diablo 3.

It is a decent game, and I wanted to get that ‘Diablo multiplayer experience’ that I missed out on having only played the previous games on my own, and not very much at that. But 60 hours later I am well and done with it all.

I don’t feel like I should complain about D3, plenty of people doing that already.

The fact is that I am now in a situation where I make about enough gold playing to pay for the repairs for my items. Meaning I will not be collecting much gold, certainly not enough to get that 1-2 million gold item that might make Inferno progression more viable for me.

As dumb as the game is (and it is REALLY dumb in a lot of respects), I had fun – but I’m done.


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