NaGaDeMo 7 – Trading cigs

I’d really like to have a trade system, this would allow players to help each other slow down opponents, it also is ripe ground for deception and bridge-burning. (mental note, Bridge Burning – good name for action card)

One idea:

“detainee’s dilemma” trade system.

Players can trade cards with each other 1 for 1. Each player has a Y/N token (like a coin).

Player A and B each pick the card they wish to trade, they may discuss this in as much detail as they wish.
They slide the cards face down to each other. Players take a look at the card they have been offered. Players then place the card back on the table, face down, with their tokens underneath. Cards are lifted to reveal token.
Y/Y = Successful trade, each player receives the card they were offered.
N/N = Draw, each player draws a replacement card from the deck, then return their offered cards to the deck which is then shuffled.
Y/N = ??? Got 3 ideas so far.
1-Y keeps card, N takes card from Y’s hand? N’s card returns to deck.
2-N takes card from Y’s hand, Y draws from deck. N’s card returns to deck.
3-Y gets N’s card, N draws from Y’s hand and draws from deck, returns ANY card from her hand to the deck.


Y/Y = Successful trade. Each player receives the card they were offered. In addition they draw a card from the deck. They may discard this card or trade it for any in their hand.
N/N = Failed trade. Each player draws a card from the deck and keeps it. The cards they offered are shuffled back into the deck.
Y/N = …

it’s not easy. The problem for me has been trying to use the prisoner’s dilemma as a trade mechanic. In that situation there are also 3 outcomes, both confess, both stay silent, one confesses the other stays silent.
Each individual is best served by confessing while the other stays silent, but both staying silent is a better outcome for both than if they both confess.
So in our trade, what is the question that is being asked.
Would you make this trade?

Player A:
Best scenario: A says Y, B says N.
Middle scenario: A and B both say N.
Worst scenario: A and B both say Y.

It does not translate very easily.

Why trade at all?

You wish to:
A) Get a card that you can use and get rid of one that is of less use.
B) Give a card that your opponent can use to disadvantage a 3rd opponent. (only in games with more than 2ppl, might be an argument for 3 players minimum… then you get into ‘piggy in the middle’ games that are only fun when players change positions frequently)

So the optimum situation is for both players to ask for what they need and get it. Let’s consider that to be the Middle scenario right now.

The Best scenario for one player would be to get a card they can use, while having the other player get a card that is of little value to them – and not what they asked for.

The Worst scenario would be for both players to not get what they asked for.

Here’s a problem. The indeterminate nature of a randomly drawn card from the deck or a card taken from the opponents hand. We can’t be sure that this card won’t end up being better than the card they were asking for.

Choice then, has to be what makes for a better scenario. Being given the choice between 2 (or more) cards, including the one they asked for. Having a more choice than the opponent is where the advantage lies, due to the quality of card being unsure.

So, perhaps the middle scenario would be both players get closest to what they want by having a larger pool to pick a card from. 2 or 3 cards.
The worst scenario would be that both players get to choose from a smaller pool of cards.
The best scenario for one player would be to have the choice from a large pool while their opponent does not.

But I wanted a 1 for 1 trading system, and certainly a quick one. One card from the hand and one or more from the deck is probably the best solution for having such a pool.

There also needs to be a disadvantage to trading. Maybe the trades will occur face up so that while the trading partners upgrade the content of their hands, the remaining players are able to see what kind of cards the traders are looking for and thereby gain a strategic advantage.

This also ties in to an issue with building cards. Should other players know what sort of resources each building will be generating. I initially thought no, that they would have to use action cards to gain that information – BUT on the art side of things I wanted to each building card to have a unique design, which means that players would be able to memorize the resource values of these buildings.

Maybe each company would have 3-4 different building ‘looks’ which represent a range of potential resource values. Giving those familiar with the designs a ballpark idea of what they might be but no precise information.

I’m going to have to put some more thought into this.


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