Nagademo5: Action Card concepts:

So far this game is mostly luck based, the better draw you get, the more likely you are going to win. The action cards will hopefully help add some skill to the game, and have the players playing against each other more than just playing v. the deck.
Gonna just list off a bunch of action card ideas so I can trim it down later.

Gonna break them down into Attack (Att.) cards that you play onto your opponent’s HQ, Buff (Buf) cards that can be played on your or on your opponent’s HQs, and Defensive cards (Def.) that you can only play on your own HQ.

Foundation Blocker (Att.):
Prevent an opponent from starting a new building for a set amount of turns (1? 2?)

Construction Blues (Att.):
Opponent must begin a new building before adding more floors to the targeted building. (unless opponent has already laid all his foundation buildings, in which this case the card does nothing.)

Double Down (Def.):
Player can add 2 building cards (floors) to an existing building this turn.

Hand Mangler(Att.): Give one of your cards to your opponent, and then take a random card from their hand in exchange (not including the card you just gave them)

Clean up Crew (Def.): Remove an action card from any of your buildings.

I’m like rubber (Att.): Swap an action card from your hand with one on an opponent’s building, then play a card.

Efficient Design(Buf.): Increase primary resource production of a building by X. (+X to whichever resource is created most by a building).

Resource Swap (Buf.): swap two resource values of a building. So for example swap the Materials and Test Subject values of a building. The two resources in question will be determined by the card directly. With 4 resources that gives us 6 unique swaptions (groan)

Floor Swap (Att.): swap any floor from a building of yours with another player’s building that has the same or less (?) floors.

More to come!


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