NaGaDeMo 4 – card distribution:

How many cards?  How are they distributed?

In order to keep the deck the right size for the number of players I have decided that each company has it’s own deck of 30 cards.   There will be 18 building cards, 6 action cards and 6 special project cards.

Cards will be distributed as follows:


Each company shuffle their 30 cards in a pile.  The player to their left will cut these cards and return them.  

Players draw 3 cards from their pile.

Then all the piles are combined, shuffled, and in turn each player takes 3 more cards from the deck.

At this point each player has 6 cards and there are 24x player numbers left in the deck.  From this point on each player picks up 1 card per turn, leaving 24 turns before all the cards are gone!

If no one reaches victory conditions after these 24 turns then the game has won.  I had been thinking of some kind of a timer mechanic to limit the amount of play, and having a set number of cards is one solution.  Heck, each turn could represent a month.
A company will have a slight advantage if they are using cards from within their initial deck of 30, the specifics of which are yet to be determined.


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