NaGaDeMo 3 – Sequences.

I have the basic building blocks of my game, chokehold inc, down, but that is not very much at all.  What comes next is tricky, I imagine very number crunchy, and time consuming.  I need to figure out the sequence of play.  What happens when and why.

In order to make my life a bit easier I am tackling this problem from waaaay on high.  There are a ton of fun board games out there, what do I want mine to accomplish?  What is the mood and pace that I would like to create?


Deception.  I would really like to add an air of deception to player interactions in this game.  Probably by having a card trading mechanic.  

Cooperation.  I would like to have a mechanic that allows players to team up temporarily to hinder their opponents.

Speed.  I want a game that plays in an hour or so.  Easy to set-up and clean-up.

Changing Strategy.  I want players to be able to adjust their strategy as the game plays out.  Nothing worse than deciding on a strategy,  having the cards not go your way, and then playing out the rest of the game with little hope of winning.


That being said, I need to really sit down, trim the fat and start testing some gameplay variations.  More to come!



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