NaGaDeMo 2 – makin a board game

Update: 6/7/12
I have decided on a placeholder name for the game: Chokehold inc.

General overview.
This is a primarily a card game. You control a company, a branch of the corporation owned and operated by an evil caricature CEO. Each player’s goal is to build up their company’s headquarters/operations in order to impress the CEO and be named next in line as CEO.

Currently there will be 3 types of cards in play.
1)Building cards. These generate resources.
2)Special Project cards. These require resources to activate. Special projects are designed to impress the CEO.
3)Action cards. These allow you to adjust your or your competitor’s headquarters to your benefit.

Buildings generate up to 4 kinds of resource. Currently these are: Test Subjects, Materials, Energy and Innovation. If a building generates enough resources then Special Projects can be achieved.

Goal/Victory state:
I really want to have 2 victory conditions that you aim to reach. This way depending on what cards you have you can work towards one or the other, changing tack as the game evolves.

Proposed Victory state:
A) Impress the CEO
-have enough completed Special Projects such that the CEO cannot help but make you the next in line.

B) Hostile takeover
– have enough completed buildings that you control enough resources to go off on your own, splitting from the corporation and beginning your own.

Further explanations:
How do you construct buildings?
Building cards come in 2 types: Foundations and Floors. Buildings must have a minimum number of floors and a foundation. Floors cannot be played without foundations already existing. There will be a maximum of buildings (and therefore foundations) that you can play, but you can play unlimited floors.

What makes a completed building?
Not sure yet. It will require a foundation and at least 2 floors. A building will likely be considered to be complete if it reaches a set amount of floors (say 3) or when it generates a specific amount of resource (ie. 100 units of Energy). This will be a balance issue and will be addressed in the future.

How does resource creation work?
Not sure yet. Foundations and Floors will generate set amounts of all 4 resources. So you could have a floor that generates 15 E, 15 M, 15 TS and 15 I, or 35E and 15 M. The building pieces (floors and foundations) will fall within a range of total resources developed. ie. A minimum of 25 resources total and a maximum of 60. Cards that have high individual scores ie. 25 M, will have low overall total value, while cards that have high total values will be more evenly distributed between all 4 resources.

What do action cards do?

Action cards allow you to change the field of play, giving your company advantages or setting back opponent’s companies. These will be set later on in the process once the building/s.projects game is a bit more determined/balanced.
Some ideas include:
Swapping resource values for buildings. Ie. play a card on your building that swaps it’s total Energy and Materials production, so a building with 80 E and 20 M will now generate 20 E and 80 M.

Increasing the production of one resource in one building by a set amount. ie. generate +15 M

Resource drain, reducing the production of a resource by one building by a set amount. ie. generate -20E

Stealing cards from an opponents hand (blind draw).

Blocking construction on an opponent’s building. You would prevent the opponent from adding to a building for a set amount of time, likely 1 turn.

Doubling down, allowing the player to add two floors to any building once. (currently thinking you will only be able to add 1 floor or foundation per turn).



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