Champion Preview: Arke – the astrophysicist.

The idea with Arke the Astrophysicist is to have a champion with a visible disability kicking butt on the fields of battle. The Astrophysicist harnesses the forces of nature via a keyboard built into her wheelchair, and is able to bend the laws of Newtonian physics to keep her enemies at bay. I invision Arke The Astrophysicist as a ranged AP carry / support type – in the vein of Lux or Orianna. Her unique Ultimate makes her especially useful as a counter to AOE teams.


Visual design: The Astrophysicist sits in a wheelchair which she controls with a joystick. She has a large anti-matter generator strapped to the back of her chair, and a fancy laptop control system on her lap. Her body is almost entirely encased in a protective metal shell, though her head is clearly displayed. A shock of red hair floats delicately behind her as she moves. Alternate skin designs include a Hextech version, Double Rainbow Arke, as well as Zamboni Arke – as you can imagine.


Passive: Celestial spheres.
Arke gains a percentage bonus to movement speed corresponding to her her maximum total mana.

Q ability:
Particle Decelerator.
Jane Doe sends out a set of energy orbs along a straight line. The number of orbs increases as she puts points into this ability, beginning at 3 and reaching 8 at level 5. Each orb hovers in the air momentarily, slowing anyone in their path. After a second the orbs collapse into the orb furthest from Jane Doe causing magic damage to anyone in their path. The range of this ability increases with each level.

W ability:
Jump jets.
Jump Jets are a targeted flash spell, much like Corki’s W. However this spell takes a moment to channel, the jump jets need to heat up, during this channeling time smoke emerges in a small radius around Jane Doe. Any enemy champion who passes into this smoke has their attack speed lowered temporarily. Jump Jets cannot be interrupted except by taunts, stuns and silences. If this ability is interrupted Arke continues to give off smoke for a second or two more.

E ability:
Dark Matter.
Dark matter causes an inter-dimensional rift to occur wherever the summoner’s cursor is currently positioned, within a limited range. Each time an enemy champion is hit with Dark Matter they take damage but also lose a percentage of armor, this armor debuff can stack up to a total of 8 times – but only on one target at a time, hitting a second target removes the debuff from the first.

R ability:
Planetary Alignment.
After a brief channel Jane Doe creates a damage reducing shield for 6 seconds on every member of her team. This shield cannot be destroyed and reduces all damage by a flat percentage. This ability has a relatively high cool down, and reduces all damage by 18/25/33% depending on it’s level.


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