The Ludic Order of the Golden Pawn

I am co-founding a secret society for the enjoyment of games, board games in particular. And I have given this group a name: THE LUDIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN PAWN.

Some unconfirmed rumours about the Ludic Order of the Golden Pawn (Golden Pawn for short).

Soon after it’s founding the Golden Pawn was infiltrated by an FBI splinter group intent on promoting the game Monopoly before any others.

The Golden Pawn apparently can roll dice so that they land on their edges – and stay there.

The Golden Pawn once played a 48 hour marathon of tic tac toe, it ended in a tie?

The Golden Pawn play Scotland Yard with 5 bandits and 1 cop.

The Golden Pawn build a chessboard the size of 15 aircraft carriers stacked end to end somewhere in the mesa desert from which to play checkers vs. the Alpha Centauri.


update: Meeting 1 of the Ludic Order took place last weekend and I won RISK! Also: Risk is a TERRIBLE BOARD GAME!!!! I wasn’t playing seriously at all, and managed to win based on luck. A 4 hour game should not be won purely by luck.


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