Champion Preview: Dark Shen

dark shen

In the vein of an Evil Ryu or Nasty Nas we have Dark Shen.

Dark Shen is Shen’s twin brother or something like that. All you need to know is that he got the short end of the stick for too long, and now he has been summoned to battle his own demons as well as whatever champions get in his way.
Dark Shen is a debuff tank, he weakens his enemies and defends teammates. Let’s take a closer look at Dark Shen, dusk’s shadow.

Visual Design:
Dark Shen wears a ninja’s outfit similar to Shen’s, but darker, and more tattered. Dark Shen has glowing yellow eyes (90% of champs have glowing eyes btw), and uses two nun-chucks to wreck havok on the dancefloor. Some alternate skins would have to include a TMNT homage, and Baton Twirling Dark Shen – a creepy take on marching band conductors.

Passive: Ki Reach.
Harnessing his inner energy or Ki enables Shen to double his auto-attack range anytime his health is under a certain percentage (40/55/70%).

Q ability:
Vorpal Bash:
Damages a target enemy and reduces their stats by a set amount depending on which stance Dark Shen strikes from. When Q is selected Dark Shen begins to cycle through the 3 stances, clicking Q again will select which stance you wish to strike from: Dragon, reduces movement speed. Ox, reduces armour. Crane, reduces magic resistance. These debuffs last for a set amount of time though placing a second debuff on an enemy champion will remove any previous Vorpal Bash effects.

W ability:
Blind Dance: Dark Shen’s movement speed is reduced by (5,10,15,20,25%) as he begins to move in the Capoiera style, however he gains (5,10,15,20,25%) dodge, (5,10,15,20,25%) magic resist and (5,10,15,20,25%) armor. He also converts a percentage of any damage he takes while in Blind Dance into energy.

E ability:
Shift Wall: Dark Shen dashes quickly towards a target location, leaving a temporarily impenetrable wall behind him. He also gains movement speed for a few moments after using Shift Wall. The ‘wall’ consists of shadow versions of Dark Shen dancing in a line (think of the four tops).

R ability:
Unifying Void:
Dark Shen teleports to a visible enemy within a certain range. Once the teleport is complete the enemy is debuffed for 7.5 seconds, and Dark Shen gains a temporary movement speed increase. The debuff(s) placed on the enemy champion depend on how long Dark Shen channels this ability. The minimum channeling time is 2.5 seconds, the maximum time is 7 seconds. The chanelling begins when the user presses R, and it ends after the minimum time when an enemy is selected and R is pressed a second time. From 2.5 to 4 Dark Shen will teleport in Ox stance, reducing enemy Armor. Between 4 and 6 seconds Dark Shen teleports in Wooden Dragon stance reducing the enemy magic resist and armor, and between 6 and 7 seconds Dark Shen teleports in Marble Dragon stance, reducing his traget’s movement speed, armor and magic resist. If Shen does not teleport at all the cool-down on this ability is halved.

Dark Shen, he can’t help himself.


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