Champion Preview: Abbadon the Foul Hound

Abbadon the Foul Hound:

Visual Design: Abbadon is a four-legged beast that looks something like a giant schnauzer with powerful forelegs and oversized claws. This champion is decked out in gothic armor. From beneath his coal black fur two eyes burn like embers. Battered leather bindings wrap across his chest and neck. Each footstep he takes burns the terrain momentarily leaving a trail of scarred ground behind him.

Champion type: Assasin, Melee

Curdle Blood.
Abbadon’s melee attacks reduce their target’s health regen by a set percentage per attack, stacking up to 3 times (10,20,30%). The debuff remains on the target for (1.5,2,2.5 seconds) Curdle Blood also reduces the effects of healing abilities by half as much.

Q ability:
Splintered Claw.
Abbadon sacrifices some of his health to use this ranged ability. The splintered claw travels in a straight line from Abbadon to his target. All units in the path take magic damage, if a champion is hit by the claw they are left blind for a short duration.
At level 3 this ability shoots out 2 claws, at level 5 it shoots 3 in a conical shape.

W ability:
Silver Claws.
Silver Claws has a passive ability that is disabled during the activation cooldown. This passive ability grants Abbadon increased move and attack speed.
Abbadon sacrifices some of his health to use this ability. When silver claws is activated Abbadon flashes to a target location by burrowing underground. While underground Abbadon drops all targeting. When he reaches the target champion Abbadon rises and shreds all nearby targets with a spinning attack. Abbadon remains in place during this spinning attack, and this attack’s range is about double that of his auto attacks.

E ability:
Passive ability: this increases the lifesteal from Abbadon’s basic attacks.
Active ability: Abbadon gets back a significant portion of his hp for each minion he kills, in exchange he receives no gold for minion kills while this is active. This affects the gold given by all minion kills (including neutral minions).

R ability:
His Master’s Leash.
Abbadon rips free the bindings that cover his neck and chest which enables him to use this ability. He casts out a leash that can target allied or enemy champions. If cast on an allied champion it pulls Abbadon to that champion and increases both of their armor and magic resist for a short period. If cast on an enemy champion it pulls that champion to Abbadon and reduces both of their armor and magic resist for a short period. His Master’s Leash can be cast on an enemy champion while Abbadon is channeling Silver Claws’ spin attack. This ability has a high hp cost, a successful leash will reset the cooldown timer on this ability up to twice.


A Suggested Combo:
Abbadon approaches a teamfight looking to pick off the opposing carry, in this example let’s say it is Corki. Once his team is in place he targets Corki, activating Silver Claws, Abbadon flashes to the daring bombardier, when Corki tries to use his Valkyrie to escape, Abbadon activates His Master’s Leash, pulling Corki back into Silver Claw’s spin attack and reducing his armor and magic resist. Abbadon’s team bursts on Corki and Abbadon activates His Master’s Leash, pulling himself to the saftey of a nearby ally.


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