Hunting buffalo and world building.


21:30 “…because we like to push ourselves each time. What’s interesting about this drawing is: This is a lie we tell ourselves every time we start a game. We go, well you know Bioshock worked and you know what we’re just going to do? We’re gonna take it and throw it up in the air and everything will work fucking perfectly. And you have to tell yourself that lie or you’ll never make the game.
And I think it’s evolutionary. I think somewhere like if you go to the dawn of man and theres a cave and elders are sitting around and they are like: ‘You know today we’re going to hunt a buffalo, it’s pretty much a big racoon’. We’re just going to do what we do with raccoon hunting but more – we’ll do more of it…
And then y’know two weeks after actually putting that house in the clouds, you’re like ‘oh, we’ve made a terrible mistake…’


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