Chains, Mines, Religious distraction.

What a hubbub!

The specifics are unclear. A challenge was put forth, to create games that are also a religion. Jason Roher came up with a game called Chain World. In this game the player, as I understand it, enters a Minecraft world housed on a usb stick, she plays around in it, dies, and then passes on the world to another. For some reason signs carrying text are disallowed, and the player must immediately pass on the usb stick after respawning.**

Religion is and always will be a long tale. Hiccups like this read like squables amongst the early christian disciples, it took another 300 years for their story to be recognized, edited and folded into the longer story of man. And 2000 years later they still can’t keep the story straight.

Take out of it what you will, but now is not the time for proselytizing.

**As far as I know these are the only rules of the game, they might want to disallow the use of beds – as they will soon serve to replace the original spawnpoint generated by the game. (Though I would assume that the game on the stick is set to not update – so this will not be an issue.)


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