, with apologies to the once and future

Game of the year time, late as always.

Top 8: (remember these are games I played last year, not necessarily games that were released in 2010)

Honorable Mention: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (as always)

8 ) Torchlight (sooo many hours spend clicking…)

7 ) Starcraft 2 (single player campaign design – not the storyline/writing)

6 ) Dragon Age: Origins (Can one fall in love with a janky franco-gaelic video game girl?  Kinda!)

5 ) Bioshock 2 (art style, art style, art style [cant wait for minerva’s den PC either])

4 ) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) (So this is what all the fuss was about.  Fuss 1 – Preconceptions 0)

3 ) Machinarium (art style, art style, art style and PUZZLES)

2 ) Super Meat Boy / VVVVVV  /Super Mario Brothers X (tie) (platforming is so fun, it will always be fun, and these are great examples of subtle innovation matched by very strong design.)

1 ) League of Legends (or: how I paid 80+ bucks for a free game)

(that’s all, it just feels like you need to have a game of the year post or you really aren’t running a video game blog – which is kinda what this is.)


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  1. Hey George!
    It was good to get some news from you–Ironically I was looking into Gameloft just recently 😛
    feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll catch up!

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