Steam sales: a skinflint’s story.

So… how are those steam sales going? I myself just picked up a stack of games over the black friday sales sweep, 2 of the awesome indie packs, Trine, and Super Meat Boy.

Buying indie games in bulk like this makes me feel a bit… icky. I hate to have spent 60$ on Modern Warfare 2 a few weeks ago because they can afford to not drop the price, and then spending 10$ on a stack of indies made by folks who could probably really use my money. Well, MW2 was bought for research purposes (I’m working on the recently announced Modern Combat: Domination for Gameloft right now), while the indie packs were bought because they were cheap.

It’s not me, it’s steam.

It began the day after I bought L4D on steam, they dropped it’s price 30$ from what I had paid the day before. I resolved never to buy a regular priced game again. I have a backlog, I don’t need, nor have I ever been) a day one perch kind of guy. So why pay full price when I don’t need/have to? The only good reason would be if I felt a project/team deserved the extra support. Amnesia, for example, was a game I picked up recently at full price to support the small dev team behind it.

So try and vote with your dollars when you can, even if you are financially prudent like myself.


2 Responses to “Steam sales: a skinflint’s story.”

  1. Although that’s a fair self-criticism, do you think you would have bought those Indie games had it not been for the bundle?

    For example, take the recent Humble Indie Bundle #2. I bought Braid full price on release and don’t regret it at all, but I did not buy the other 4 games and would never have had it not been for the bundle. At least this way, they get some of my money and I have maybe a chance to discover and enjoy a game I would otherwise never play.

    It’s true, they need our money, but every little bit helps 😉

  2. Well, the humble bundles are a special case, cause they are half game package, half charitable donation. So for example, I bought this most recent one even though I own 3 of the 5 games already (machinarium is great, you will enjoy it!).

    I’ll probably gift Braid and Machinarium to a friend who only plays WoW. 😀

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