Fun Factor?

What’s more important to playing than having fun? I suppose it depends on what you mean by fun, a question that the Brainy Gamer has decided to try and help answer by community commenting brute force, which he will then weave into a document of some type. The starting point was to pick out a game which you find undeniably fun and the try and explain why. Here is my 2 cents:

“Team Fortress 2.

I grew up playing soccer. I played at a somewhat competitive level for a child, AA, not the stressed out glamour of AAA, nor the disorganized free-for-all of house league. The enjoyment I had playing that sport during those formative years is a big part of my enjoyment of TF2. It’s like a game of semi-serious pick-up soccer where if you want to win – and you likely do, the best thing to do is quickly evaluate your teams skills against the opponents and then pick what role you can best play on your team to help it win.

TF2 provides that sort of team sports atmosphere that I find to be quite fun. Another game I really enjoy is League of Legends, which while a quite different game in terms of design, shares this team play dynamic.

I play tons of games, but even the best single player games don’t ever get played again, while these little combat arena games keep me hooked for years. It’s something basic, not like the brain teasing fun I derive from puzzle games like Machinarium or Braid, or even deeply immersive action games like Bioshock, these little fantasy matches hit me right in the reptile brain – no doubt. Those three other games I listed were loved by me, but they feel more like passing glances at pretty girls on the bus, while TF2 is the lady I want to come home to at night.

What’s interesting to me is that I even picked TF2, because for about 5-6 years my answer would have been Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a game I logged billions of hours playing because it was so damn fun. Just about a year or so ago my allegiance transferred over to a new game, something I swore for years would never happen.

There’s something of a loyalty we have to our favorite forms of fun that is reflected there and in your post.

Plus there’s a whole other side which has to do with server loyalty, admin culture, and online friends that add to the fun of playing these games. But in the end it’s something deep within me that wants to get out there and be successful in the hunt.”

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