Message received.

I’ve been looking for work recently and it has had it’s ups and downs, job hunting is stressful and can be disappointing from time to time. But the other day while walking my dog I found something that has reinvigorated me about this hunt and my decision to make games to begin with.

I found this among a bunch of books and junk being thrown by the church up my block after one of their rummage sales:

Wolfenstein is my ex, we had a long and fulfilling relationship that has flared up many times over the years. As a child I played my friend’s older brother’s copy of 1984’s Beyond Castle Wolfenstein – my first experience of a ‘stealth’ game, as a boy I played Wolfenstein 3d – my first experience of a first person shooter, as a young man I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and then for years and years and still sometimes today I have played Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory, the excellent team objective based arcade style shooter. I even played the reboot, ‘Wolfenstein’ that Raven software made this year. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is my Mario.

So to find this old title, Wolfenstein – Spear of Destiny, it’s box in excellent shape, manual and all 3 3.5 inch floppies included, has been very inspiring. Coincidences like this make me smile, and it’s with a smile that I continue my job hunt…


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