So you pretty much have to get Starcraft 2…

I’ve been playing League of Legends, I spent some time in the Company of Heroes, I even saw the Dawn of War (a 2nd time). None of them made me want to play Starcraft. To me SC is all micro, actions per minute and amazing Korean jumpsuits and energy drinks. With Starcraft2 I thought I’d watch some vids and that that would be enough.
So I did, I watched the Blizzard battle reports. Nothing surprising there to someone only vaguely interested in the complexities of Terran openings or Zerg counter-rushes.
But then my brother sent me some videos of what people have been doing with the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor… and now I pretty much have to get SC2, a battlenet account, and a faster index finger. This stuff looks very promising, but – as Levar Burton would say – you don’t have to take my word for it.


Edit: Really interesting guy by the name of Day(9) has been doing daily Starcraft commentaries for over 100 days now, his descriptions are detailed enough that real SC players flock to watch his replays, but they are also non-technical enough that they are of interest to me, who never played non-campaign starcraft (but may be getting way into SC2 if my brother and pals start playing). Enough about me, check out Day(9)’s archive here!


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