iPhone dunks Dragon’s Lair DS deeper into dev dilemma

via gamasutra

Dragon’s lair was my first arcade love. I wasn’t the most tactile child in the world, so a game that consisted of ONE BIG RED BUTTON and a screen that played Don Bluth animations was pretty much heaven for me. I remember playing it and a similar game with a western theme as some of my first arcade memories (though while researching I also recalled early memories of the awesome Space Ace). So it was with much anticipation that I awaited more news of the game’s port to the Nintendo DS.

News of the iPhone version brings ill tidings for that DS port. The best info I can find points to the game being delayed, the license holder changed, and it being announced as a DSi downloadable game.

Look, I was apprehensive about paying 40$ for Dragon’s Lair DS, and would probably have waited or negotiated my way to paying 20$ for it, but with the iPhone version retailing for 5 bucks is there any surprise that they decided to drop the cartridge version?

If I had an iPhone I’d be happy as a clam right now, playing instead of blogging, but with no fancy phone and a simple DS-lite instead of the DSi, this news has me decidedly unimpressed…


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