School Project, Dev Diary 1.

Hello, and welcome to my Dev Diary for our final school project (Acme TV) here at Campus Ubisoft. The level I was assigned is loosely based on the tv show Dexter, and it is to be an action stealth first-person game that spoofs Metal Gear with some Kojimaesque VO work and obscure naming conventions… (for example: the bad guy is named Mercury Advent right now).

Here’s a quick summary of the storyline of my level, as it currently stands. We are finishing up our Level Design Docs this weekend and I’ll have a more concrete post soon.

Dexter (working title):

Dexter is chasing down the head of a deadly cult of serial litterers. Their littering is ruining the streets of Miami and lowering property values. Because of this Dexter can’t sell his home and move in with his wife, so he must stop this cult of criminals. He knows that they have a secret compound in the swamps, and he needs to prove who their leader is.


-Intro, hunting down Mercury Advent (Rebecca). Dexter is caught while stalking her, she turns and shoots him, screen goes black… This is the classic TV trick, start with the ending and then…
-Swamp Compound, screen fades from black, the text: “two hours earlier…” appears. Dexter must sneak around the camp without rousing suspicion. There are 3 pieces of evidence he must collect to prove who the head of the Cult is. Once he does this, or if he is caught, he gets into a fight with all of the low-level Cultists. He defeats them and their boss, Filth Collins (Frank) escapes to warn the cult leader, Mercury Advent (M.A.).
-Swamp River Race. To access the river, Dexter must operate the locks to raise the water level such that his boat can reach the main river and race away. Once he is past the locks he gets a call from his Sister, she tells him that M.A. will be in the Police Station for the afternoon, he needs to get there in time, a 2 minute timer appears. Dexter has to navigate down the river, avoiding obstacles, taking jumps etc.. once he reaches the open sea the next level loads up.
-Police station. Dexter arrives and must get to his office, collect DNA from M.A., compare the two pieces of evidence in a DNA machine to prove that Mercury Advent is the head of the cult. There’s also a secondary task, to find Angel’s missing wedding ring
-Records office. The basement of the police station, Dexter must distract Mercury Advent and get her to walk into a dark corner away from the clerk’s counter she is at. By placing a few pieces of evidence in the correct places, Dexter leads her to a quiet spot and he moves in to give her the needle… before he gets to kill her the ‘show’ ends and the next level loads up.


I have proof of concepted most of the mechanics for this in Hammer already, built a few gyms, and am now drafting the LDD and level mock-ups in Sketchup. More news soon.
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