finishing the game

Great conversation on this weeks Out of the Game podcast between Jeff Green, N’Gai Croal and Shawn Elliott. The matter at hand was a purported “one button mode” for the new game Bayonetta.

What N’Gai barely mentioned and the rest of the cast skipped right over is how game designs dirty little secret is that most games never get finished by those who play them. Stuff like Bayonetta’s one button mode, or the yet to be seen Nintendo fast forward mode are signs of a change in design theory… better to make the game experience optionally easier for the player so that they get to see the endgame content. The same thing Blizzard designers have given for why they made it easier to get into endgame raiding, so that people can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THE DESIGN, as opposed saving the best content for 5% of players leet enough to get there… amen!


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