Really interesting video game release in the realms of unearthed arcana this week. Wolfenstein!

I haven’t posted on this yet, but I have been playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory very regularly for 5 years now. When Quake Wars came out my computer wasn’t up to the task, now that I’m a bit better equipped I am very excited to jump in on the next chapter in this id/splashdamage/raven world.

Within the ET community response has been less than pleased with Wolfenstein’s multiplayer, (a beta multiplayer build was leaked a couple of weeks ago). A mod crew are already working on WolfPro, a multiplayer make-over. We expect WolfPro will become the MP baseline and that if Activision continues to support the game there are hopes that they would be working on releasing a SDK.

I picked up the game to play the single player campaign, I can’t wait to jump back into B J Blaskowitz’ boots and kick some occult nazi butt. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed the whole time that the MP works out as well

Interestingly, it was sold out at the 2 downtown box electronic stores, at a more out of the way box store I found a stack of 8 or so copies kicking around. I had a laugh at that store when I pointed out to the clerk that they were selling Matrix online games at 49.95, they even had them prominently displayed, and that this game was no longer supported meaning that there are no servers to play it on… the game is dead!


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