podcast rundown

Well, there are a bunch of video game podcasts out there, I have a new programming block for the summer/fall season:

In no particular order:

Idle Thumbs Podcast. WIZARDS! Need I say more, three pretty serious industry types (2 journos and a UI designer) talk games and hilarity, my new favorite!

Gamer’s with Jobs. At this point the GWJ guys feel like old pals to me, old reliable pals. One hasn’t been playing much, one is playing Magic online, the others poke fun, all is well.

Out of the Game. Easily the best of the post-ziff posse cuts, plus Cold Vein instrues, can’t miss.

Brainy Gamer. Micheal Abbott, he’s like your dad, your chemistry teacher, and your cool next-door neighbor rolled into one. The most polite podcast of em all, with great guest appearances.

First Wall Rebate: Occasional podcast on set topics with an academic bent.

Mobcast: 4 guys, 5 topics, often interesting, rarely stimulating (if that makes sense)

A Life Well Wasted: This american (video game) life, though it’s closer to RadioLab, but do you even know RadioLab? Occasional and bomb.

Giant Bombcast: These guys also feel like a bunch of pals. Video game news, in-jokes and west-coast mid 90s rap references… in.

Joystiq podcast: Time limitations mean this guy often gets the boot from the rotation. Solid cast with all your up to date release news.

also: the rock, paper, shotgun podcast… how could I have forgotten it?

Any suggestions?

Zelda Rap:

bonus beat: gabe newell interview here


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