portal level. walkthrough.

Here is the walkthrough for a portal level I am working on.

It is the first of 3 in a set. This is an easy level, and assumes the player has played the original game.

You are trapped in GLADos’ mind, these levels take place in the final moments of her existence. A final deep sleep, accompanied by these nightmarish puzzles.


Glados has to sleep too, but when she does, she has nightmares. Welcome to Aperture Follies, level one.


Advice for later. The cube is a shield.


This is the solution to the first jumping puzzle, jump into the Orange portal and guide yourself towards the Fizzler while in the air.


If you fall down, this is how you get back up.


Second jumping puzzle. One portal goes down there in the only available location.


Second portal goes here, as instructed. (note the tetris references)


puzzle 2, put one portal here where the big red x is.

second portal goes on the wall where the red light is

pick up the cube and use it as a shield to rebound the ball into it’s catcher.


puzzle 3. Place a portal behind the cube, and one at your feet.


use the cube as a shield if the sentries get too excited. Drop the cube and crouch behind it to make them forget you.


Place a portal up by the red beam, and another somewhere behind you. Grab the cube and jump in!


Take care of the turret up there and then notice this button, what does it do?


Oh, it blocks the other turrets… but only for a short time


throw down the cube, set a portal on the opposite wall, ground level.


push the button, jump down, set a portal past the entry door. You can do this while falling down or if you miss your shot you can run to the other side of the room as shown here.


drop the box on the button and then run back into the ground level portal


the final door is open


and Glados has clearly lost it… or has she… you will have to play the next level, deeper into the nightmare!


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