What’s new 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Well, here at Unearthed Arcana the last months have been pretty busy, lots of school work: I finished my first decent Team Fortress 2 map “Arena_Mezz”. Designed a level for a stealth adventure game to be built in Hammer(ep2). Designed a Deathmatch map in Unreal 3. Made a platformer game (Ninja Kid in Blockland) and also hatched an exciting new business venture that, if successful, will be keeping me busy for years to come (news on that when the embargo is lifted, by me).

I also got a dreamy PS2. I have never owned a PS2 and getting one at this point in the game might seem silly to you, but you would be wrong. There are a ton of great games out for the PS2 and many of them should be played by any game/level designer worth his salt. The second hand system I got came with more than a dozen certified gems and I’ll be doing write ups of my PS2 experiences starting with God of War 2, which I beat (on easy) this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I have revised my list of video game podcasts you should be listening to, and will post that in the coming week.

Nice to be back, ggs and hf.


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