The longest intro cutscene ever*

or Adaptation: killing Nic Cage

Last week FarCry2 was on sale on steam.  I have heard many good things about it and decided to pick it up.  The same week I happened upon a copy of the movie Lord of War with Nic Cage.   An interesting fictionalized documentary lies beneath the mostly insipid storyline of the film.  Nic Cage plays an international arms dealer, he is driven by greed and some mixed up sense of  ‘doing what he does best’.  The movie gives you a cursory look at how weapons go from abandoned stockpiles in the Ukraine, to war torn sub-saharan Africa to be wielded by children.  Arms dealers, the movie tells us, used to pick sides, but those of Nic Cage’s generation do not.  They instead have a kind of single minded focus on the means and are able to,  in that manner, ignore the ends.

Jumping into FarCry2 after watching the film felt very ‘natural’ (for lack of a better word).  FC2 is set in sub-saharan Africa, you play a mercenary stuck in a war torn deadzone, unable to escape, trying to stay one step ahead of the malaria bug you are suffering from.  You learn that both of the major players in this conflict have get their weapons from the same arms dealer, a character known as the Jakal, who is a new breed of Arms dealer.  More extreme than Cage’s apathetic profiteering is the Jakal, he is an agent of violent chaos, who (according to audio tapes he records and distributes to his troops) celebrates and encourages the most violent and brutal murders.  I’ll see if I can find an audio clip of one of these speeches, the acting is very convincing.

My point is that the dislike for arms dealers and their business that was brought on by the movie carried over into the game, and probably helped me play through the first part of what felt like a game that is otherwise a bit slow to get going.  So far I am really enjoying FC2, though I have been spoiled by games that autosave all the time and have had to repeat several missions cause I didn’t think to save after them.  As a player, watching the movie beforehand gave me a nice perspective on what was going on in the game, and helped take away that initial apprehension with shooting fellow humans I always feel in realistic shooters when going through the first few encounters.  I can’t imagine what it might be like for people who have lived/are living in warzones to pick up and play a realistic shooter, what kind of immersion awaits them?

Because Lord of War is in not directly connected to FC2, other than in theme, the relations I noticed between the two felt less contrived than when, for example, I read the Mass Effect novel before playing the game, or watched StreetFighter:the movie before hitting up SF2 in the arcade.    This reminds me of the time a buddy put the scarface soundtrack into his GTA game, an example of player driven modifications to the game’s immersiveness. There must be some other good movie/game theme combos out there, can you think of any?  Recently a friend lent me the movie Quills, maybe watching that would be a suitable set up to finally trying to play I Wanna Be the Guy.

these colours DO NOT RUN!

*not including the metal gear series, of course, they know cutscenes


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