My ears are burning.

or The P-List

or Gaming Podcasts I listen to, and why.

I love to listen.  I grew up being read stories by my Dad before bedtime, later on I graduated to books on tape (mostly on 45s tbh), where you turned the page when you heard the bleep.  In high school I discovered open line AM radio, specifically the great broadcaster Ted Teaven, naturally, as well as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.  When the internet took off I found hours and hours of audiobooks, and eventually discovered the dulled magic of old time radio dramas.

Then one day I decided to try out World of Warcraft.  My friend Mark had been bugging me for months to try it out, and when I saw a 14 day demo dvd for 1.99$ as an impulse item at the cash of a local store I bought in.  This would have been a few months after the Burning Crusade expansion had launched.  I loved the game, but had missed out on so much of it, in trying to catch up with that 9million headed hydra that is WoW I discovered podcasts.  The instance was one of my first favorites, along with a couple other wow shows that soon stopped being updated, as podcasts are wont to do.  Shortly after I found the Legendary Thread podcast, which was part of a bigger podcasting series put out by  In short order I heard the antics of the OneUpYours and GFW podcasts, and finally felt like I had found shows that were worth listening to even if what they were talking about wasn’t of immediate relevance to my particular gaming interests.   I essentially didn’t feel the need to look past the 1up line of podcasts til that site reached it’s unfortunate demise rebranding…

I was homeless.  Thankfully threads on 1up led me to personal blog sites and twitter feeds for those journalists that I had felt a connection with, and soon enough people were starting their own podcasts and more importantly, showing up as guests on other podcasts I had never heard of.  The 1up set of podcasts had left me with a hunger, and hours of web-searching and podcast listening ensued.  I’m sure there are still great podcasts out there that I am missing, I would love to know of them, specifically shows that come from a different perspective than that of southern california.  I got to the point where I had about 20 hours of new podcast material to listen to every week, and too much of anything is bad for you.  So I have trimmed down the list of shows that I listen to regularly.

Without further ado, here is my list – in no particular order.

Brainy Gamer Podcast: This is the kind of show I could see myself making one day.  The host,

Listen Up is the revamped and toned down version of the old OneUpYours show, you still get the occasional strong guest as well as Johnny England‘s insights (without the kiddie scope).  You can find Listen Up, Retronauts – a show that specializes in covering old classic series/games, one at a time, as well as the back catalogue of all those great GFW shows here.

Out of the Game: Another podcast with EGM/1up ties is Out of the Game.  This show features 4 ex-ziff employees. Robert Ashley, Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green and Luke Smith along with video game writer/thinker extraordinaire (and also a fellow Canadian) N’Gai Croal.  Robert, Shawn, Jeff and Luke were, to my mind, the most interesting people on the 1up podcasts, so to see this line up together working on one podcast is thrilling.  After listening to the first podcast, audio issues and all, I am ready and willing to put it on the P-list.

While you are at it, you should check out Robert Ashley’s radiolab/this american life-esque A Life Well Wasted radio show.

Finally, the mecca of games sites: Gamasutra, has a somewhat occasionally updated podcast / set of great old GDC lecture audio available here.

There are a few others I listen to from time to time, but these listed above are the ones I would recommend.  Still though, I am afraid there are great podcasts out there I am missing.  For instance the First Wall Rebate podcast I just learned of via Brainy Gamer.  Feel free to post some suggestions in the comments for other great podcasts.  Also: I’ll probably do individual posts highlighting an exceptionally good episode of any of these shows when I come across one.

EDIT: Just listened to the Left 4 Dead episode of the First Wall Rebate podcast and I am duly impressed. I’m looking forward to digging through their back catalog of shows.


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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